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Friday, May 15, 2009


Two days ago when Ricardo and I went up to baldy to look for plants we saw this Anna's Hummingbird that was flying straight up in the sky then he took a downward turn and dove straight down then did it again and then once more.

We then decided to investigate, as we got closer he stopped and was flying back and forth between the tops of four small shrubs, calling every time he landed. Then we inched closer, then closer, then even closer. Eventually we were standing five feet from this Hummingbird that was calling and flying back and forth between the four shrubs. Landing on the same branches in the same trees every single time. We figured he was showing his courtship rituals and trying to call a mate or something but it was definitely one of the coolest things i have ever seen happen in nature.

It was even cooler that he was comfortable with us being five feet from him and he was not even worried, either that or he did not see us. That is the point where he stopped and turned around and was scoping us out for about two minutes, we then realized he was aware. So cool just thought i would share.

Now this is not a picture we took but this is how clearly we saw his coloring, and that is why i am buying a camera. For cool nature shit like that to document it.

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